On the Cover

On the Cover

The cover of the April edition of SA Life Magazine, features two of my collage works. Nestled above the fireplace in a stylishly renovated home in beach-side Henley, they seem to float. It is a rare pleasure for me to see where my Art lives once it has left the studio. These were hung in 2012 as part of my first exhibition with BMGArt, who have represented me since. I love that they were created near the sea and found their home in such a place.

SA Life Cover 2019.jpg

Separation Frocks

August 2018

Last year was a time of upheaval for me personally and the ensuing changes caused me to look closely at the last 26 years of my life as a wife, mother and artist. In that year I also embarked on an additional career as a Visual Arts high school teacher upon completing my Masters of Teaching degree. As part of the SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival I exhibited five wearable Art pieces exploring the theme of marriage separation. Entitled ‘Separation Frocks’, the garments collaged my pain, joy, betrayal and hope, using fabric, plastic, objects and stitching. It was my first attempt at working three dimensionally.

The catharsis was liberating and has sparked the desire to continue working through this medium with the intention of exploring its possible application onto canvas.

Below are a selection of images from my studio and the exhibition at Curious Orange Haircutters in Adelaide.

Tuesday March 26, 2019

Today was the last day of my Artist residency at Wilderness School, Adelaide. I spent ten days at the school where I made Art, presented a talk to each of the Art classes across the school focusing on my journey and practice as an Artist and worked with some students in their studio classrooms. I felt privileged to be invited to do so and the experience was invaluable.

It is rare for artists to be in such a position where they are able to have such an intimate, honest response to their work. The students, from Reception through to Year 12, held a mirror to my creative process and the resulting work, articulating their feelings and understanding on a level that was humbling and empowering in equal measure. They saw new meaning in my Abstraction that surprised and resonated for me as its creator. The experience has validated and re-invigorated my practice. Thank you Wildie Art students!!!


Artist in Residence

Wilderness School, 2019

Mural Project

Friday March 8, 2019

Today I completed a two week project, designing and painting a mural for St Michael’s College, Adelaide as part of their annual Arts Week event. The school approached me last year citing the need to maximise the visibility of the Dance Studio within the school grounds. Increasingly, I have embraced the opportunity to work on large-scale Art projects such as this and the opportunity to work within a school where I have been fortunate enough to teach Art was enticing!

Every day the students would engage with me on site and some lent a hand with paint and brush. The result is playful and colourful with a shameless homage to one of my Art heroes, Miro!

Mission accomplished. There is no way people will fail to find the Studio now.


Dance Studio Mural

St Michael’s College, Adelaide.

Up-coming exhibition at BMG Art

My next exhibition "The Swimmer" opens at BMG April 15th 2016.
More details will follow in the next week or so.

New Royal Adelaide Hospital

The New Royal Adelaide Hospital - Integrated Art Strategy.

Words can’t express my pride and excitement in creating art for the new RAH’s Cancer Day Unit.
But I’m going to try anyway.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be confined to a ward. Besides the psychological distress of illness, a loss of connection with nature would be crippling. That’s part of the thinking behind the hospital’s Integrated Art Strategy, of which I am humbled to be a part.

The bush, the beach and Adelaide’s cultural diversity, are the themes explored by a group of us Picasso wannabes in partnership with the HYLC joint venture. My mission? To bring the outdoors in for patients, their families and staff in the new Cancer Day Unit. From my paintbrush to 5 metre panels of glass, the images will create more interesting, transportative spaces for people occupying the ward. For my art to help someone else (besides me - flinging paint for therapy in my studio like a mad thing) is unreal. Astounding.

To read more about this project and the artists involved , go to this link;


Artist in residence

Sue has just finished a six week term as artist in residence at Loreto college, Adelaide. The Year 11 students made fantastic work, researching abstraction of the landscape using collage. There were many frenzied, creative sessions with laughter thrown in for good measure. Sue had a fantastic experience, finding inspiration for her own work in the creative engagement and enthusiasm the students displayed. A big thank you goes out to Jacky Hamilton their amazing teacher, for her passion and commitment to providing us all with whatever we required to make awesome art!
Here is a small sample of what the students achieved!

Collage workshop

Following the success of Sue's Watercolour Fundamentals workshops, a new technique has been added to her skills based learning sessions. Saturday 1st August will be the date to book if you have forgotten how to play creatively!
Collage - reconnecting with creative play with be a full day of cutting and sticking.
For more details go to; http://www.sueninham.com/collage-reconnecting-with-play/


For over a year Sue has been toying with the idea of running workshops. It has taken that long because she needed to find the right space to do it in and to crystalize in her mind, the way she wanted to do it. After talking to her Uni students, other artists and friends, she formulated a model. With many years of teaching under her belt, she knows how to communicate ideas, but wanted to teach more technical skills, to share some of what she has learned in her own practice. She identified a need amongst those she spoke to.

Where to do it was the next hurdle. After putting the word out amongst friends, it was the wonderful Naomi Murrell who told her about two fantastic women who were making workshop spaces available as part of their soon to open initiative, Brick and Mortar Creative. After looking at the space, it was all systems go. Sue's first workshop will be on Saturday 6th June 2015. Students will spend a whole day learning basic watercolour techniques. There will be more workshops to follow on a once a month basis. Other techniques Sue will teach include, advanced watercolour techniques, drawing, collage, gouache and linocut. For more Information about the sessions go to the workshops page on this site.