New Royal Adelaide Hospital

The New Royal Adelaide Hospital - Integrated Art Strategy.

Words can’t express my pride and excitement in creating art for the new RAH’s Cancer Day Unit.
But I’m going to try anyway.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be confined to a ward. Besides the psychological distress of illness, a loss of connection with nature would be crippling. That’s part of the thinking behind the hospital’s Integrated Art Strategy, of which I am humbled to be a part.

The bush, the beach and Adelaide’s cultural diversity, are the themes explored by a group of us Picasso wannabes in partnership with the HYLC joint venture. My mission? To bring the outdoors in for patients, their families and staff in the new Cancer Day Unit. From my paintbrush to 5 metre panels of glass, the images will create more interesting, transportative spaces for people occupying the ward. For my art to help someone else (besides me - flinging paint for therapy in my studio like a mad thing) is unreal. Astounding.

To read more about this project and the artists involved , go to this link;