For over a year Sue has been toying with the idea of running workshops. It has taken that long because she needed to find the right space to do it in and to crystalize in her mind, the way she wanted to do it. After talking to her Uni students, other artists and friends, she formulated a model. With many years of teaching under her belt, she knows how to communicate ideas, but wanted to teach more technical skills, to share some of what she has learned in her own practice. She identified a need amongst those she spoke to.

Where to do it was the next hurdle. After putting the word out amongst friends, it was the wonderful Naomi Murrell who told her about two fantastic women who were making workshop spaces available as part of their soon to open initiative, Brick and Mortar Creative. After looking at the space, it was all systems go. Sue's first workshop will be on Saturday 6th June 2015. Students will spend a whole day learning basic watercolour techniques. There will be more workshops to follow on a once a month basis. Other techniques Sue will teach include, advanced watercolour techniques, drawing, collage, gouache and linocut. For more Information about the sessions go to the workshops page on this site.