Tuesday March 26, 2019

Today was the last day of my Artist residency at Wilderness School, Adelaide. I spent ten days at the school where I made Art, presented a talk to each of the Art classes across the school focusing on my journey and practice as an Artist and worked with some students in their studio classrooms. I felt privileged to be invited to do so and the experience was invaluable.

It is rare for artists to be in such a position where they are able to have such an intimate, honest response to their work. The students, from Reception through to Year 12, held a mirror to my creative process and the resulting work, articulating their feelings and understanding on a level that was humbling and empowering in equal measure. They saw new meaning in my Abstraction that surprised and resonated for me as its creator. The experience has validated and re-invigorated my practice. Thank you Wildie Art students!!!


Artist in Residence

Wilderness School, 2019